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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  January 22, 2016 11:37pm-12:37am MST

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[ cheers and applause ] cheersla] >>immy >> jimmy: thato jeff danie, lilly singh, st. cia. [ cheers and appuse ] and throotright there from iladelia, nnsylvania, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for "la nig with setheyers. thanyou for watching. ha a gre wkend. hope to see u next wk. bye. thk you.
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[ chee[ chee and appla annnc: from 30 rkefell plaza new yo, it's "la nig with seth meyers." tonight -- shida jones. om "kotawithhloe," e kardhian starf razy ex-gifrnd goen globe-wr,
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featuring the d thgltce.[ cheers and ause ] ladi atl se >> seth: >> seth: good evenin i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." hoybody in' toght? eers applause wen't that wonderful t hear. that case, let'get to the news. earlr t, there w other repuican debate,nd th morningthe oscar nonatis re aed he arehe nominees. "t big s." "bridgofes." "the renant." martianan"m max fy road." [ ught and applae ] [ ee andpplae ] why e u mad? why are you so m, max? that rhtoscar nominatis were aoued today a ester stalne iup f best spoing r. stne sd today, that it was an honor to be nominated. or hsaid is an awkward
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lauger ] impossib to kn. [ mumbling ] uger ] [ stlo impssion ] live a long life and do a lot moes andhen, y know, the people frothe cars cup and say,ey, we got g r you. i y, what'the news [ muling ] it's an awkward nominator. [ laughter ] [ cheers a applause ] donald t dona trump sd this week that his high poll mbers in massachusetts are due tois suort omatriots' arterback tom brady. man, what is it withom brady d deflated leather balls? [ laughter ] [ cheers and alause ] it's like he a thi for them. a new poll shows that the st monthlly clintos len iowa has shrunk from% to 2%. meanwhile, h fake smhas
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[ laught ] what are the mrecent polls? is wondful! [ lighlaught ] wonderful news! b bu has released a new ad shg clips ofean things dona trump has son the campgn trail. he also released his new campaign sgan "i'm telling!" ughter ] oumeanand i'm telling everybody!" [ laughter ] there's there's a new video out show jebushnteractiith an apple tcfoe firsme anfoer goverr seemed shocked the watch can talk. tohich the watch replied, "i fe the same y about you! [ light laughter ] "i'm telling [ laughter ] a w york m appeared in cou yesterday charges that he exposehimself on subway atform, anasked woman, quote,can i masturbate t you?" th's hrible. it should be, ay i masturbat to you we're not imals.this is civil soy.
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[ scattered applause ] smatteri of applaurom the poliasturborin the audice. [ la and applause ] sotely! [ ch and applause ] yeah!i so s, "mady." [ ght laughter ] group in colorado has sea neworld record for lgest sticker ball after combining enough decs create a ne ot we 232 pound ball which provesne thi. weed is finitely legal in colodo. [ laughter ] de, you kn what we should do? what?sticker ball. [ hter hey, dad. get ready to be prof m ughter and finall a woman was rested at ata area
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window and then ripping naked in the restaant. or as it'snot e wa e, "dinner and show! [ laughter ] he a fantastic -- [ chee and applause ] h, man such fanstic show toght. we hava great lineup of guts, t we also -- wha a surprise guest. and i'm so happy he's here, i can't believe he's he. fresh off his interview with sean penn and s recent recapture,ase lcome to the ow, el chapo! [ ee and appe ][ laught ughter ] >> sh: >> s ink you so muor bei here, el chapo.
11:44 pm
buenos dias. >> set mean, i can't belie you're here. thank you for being here. >> this isery good to bee. eth:ean, we wereus-- ere sto excited when you agreed to come on the show >> well, younow, after my inteiew with sean penn, i started thinking, i should do more press, you know, promote projts. [ laught ] tell anecdotes, you kn, wear fun shirts, let people know that i'a d guy, you know. [ laughter ] >> seth:h, yh. m gladyoknowand i'm glad you e com here no reni ad rep st ce out that yn't lywhseenn before the int. that true? >> si, si. [ laughter ] my lawyer called ande said, "seapenn wants to meet." i say -- [ speaking spanish ] he say "he's a actor." i say, "wh movies has he been in." he sai "tu sabes fast time at ridgont high?" i said, no. he say"tu sabes shenghai surprise?" i say, no.
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he said, "tuabes i am sam?" say, no. so thei start naming my favorite moviei've seen see if sean pe was in those. [ laughter ] >> set sureah. >> right? so i say, was he in "space jams?" [ lauger ] he say no. say "los hangors?" [ laughter ] no i say hoabou"star war: epode i e phantom menace?" [ laughter ] he say, no. so then lawyer goes back to naming seapenn movies. he say, "did yousee stic river? ay yay yay, i say, no! [ laer ] he say, you see "milk?" >> seth: okay, sorry -- just reuick, i'm sorry to c you f. how long dhis back andorth withnd youwyer go? >> aut t othree hour [ lahter ] >> set now ath thing i re ithat you -threason yoevenly agreed tot wi seanns atou were inrested imang mov abyo life, is true?
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si. i ve an idea for animated kids' movie based on my life. [ laught ] and i playhe voice oa bunny rabbit. [ laughter ] >> seth: reay? >> icalled el l po. >> s el po that'sood name. i will sthat sndte. >> wel thank you. ho is a cute bunny with fl ears. >> seth: oh, that's nice. >>nd a furry tand so a dr empir [ lahter ] etowe, tt doesn' und a kids' movie any more >> of co it is i ans a kidsmovie, becausit's a bunny. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, but sll, with a drugmpir d think s >> okay. but do you know "inside t?" >>eth: sur >>hat movie where e has to find her "yoy?" [ laughter ] >>eth: her joy, yeah. you remember, she h tfind her "yoy." >>eth: yeah, i remember, she s to find her jo >> well, ts is the same.
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ho has to fi a dog named pablo escork.ughter ] seth:nd is blo escoba his friend? >> no,o, no,t'his rival. el hopo shoohim in the head. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, no. bang, bangbang [ laug ] >> seth:hi -i stand by wh i originally id, thiss a ki' movie. >> well, it isseth, because i say it is. >> sh: oh, okay. i'm soy, wanna sethingel, oun'you be ijail right now? >> o ht ] ye [ lauger ] my b![ do knos ] >> open up, itheolicia!>>e de m [ laughter ] >> we're lking f el chapo! >>l cho! has are see el chapo >> el cho! >> seth: n n it'st me. [ laughter ] [ whispering ] >> and mlamp! >> seth: it's just me and my lamp.
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>> well, iyosehim, tl him to cback tjail. wre not jing arou! >>t's tiorok is er no jokes! >> seth: okay. ooh. they're gone. >>s it clear? >> seth: yeah. >> whew-hoo! th closene. >>eth: tt was a close on he hu stk ound. we hava eat show tonight, el chapo. greash. >> oh,ho's here tonigh s wve a wonderf actress, a deafriend omine rashida jos is here tonight. [ cheers and appuse do y like rashida jone >> ooh rashida jos! [ uger ] et sas a n sw on tbs caed "angie tribec">> y kwhati'm gointo put that i dbr.>> set oy, great also, she has a new talk show called "kocktails with khl khloe kardashian is with us toght. chee a applause ] >> please. please tell me that s is eld with a"k." >> seth: y, she do spell it wi a k oh, perfect. [ laughter ]
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r. >> seth: okay, gre. also, very excit authis. she's frh off a goldenlo win. the st and catorf razy ex-girlfriend." rachel bloom is here tonight! [ chee a alause >> y, >>es, rax-girlfriend." i've had a fewf the myse. >> seth:erhois great. you'na love it. >> hopso. you know what, might nave room on my dbr, but i try. seth: okay, great. k you, everybo. give iup forl cho! wel ht back with me "late night" [ cheers andpplause ] [electnic
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are you tang a zumba class? [ chnd applause >>eth: welcome bk to "late night," every! easegive it up for the 8 band! [ cheers and applause ] also, he's back with us tonigh he's been sitting in all wk, from wilco. glenn kotche ire gi it up for glenn kche, everyby. [ cheers applae ] gln has a new album, "drumt quartets." comprised of songs he composed fo so percussion. the album isutn february 26 on cantaloupe music. d you can catcglenn, ang witho peussion, perforng at carnegie hall on february 12th. nnot thank y enough for the week, glen k you souch for beg he >> it's beenreat thanyou,uy [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: also everybody, give it
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[ eers and applause ] and check t his new tino comedy studio "mas mejor" on youtube. it'sery fuy uff. and anythinghat has horatio in it is ry funny stuff. well, it is 2016, d neless to say, with theew yeacomes a lot -- wait, i am vy sorry, iould berong here, but i think i smell some smoke. and that cou only mean one thing. it time r ya burnt! [ chee and alae ] welcome welce burn zo! we've got loof topics to sile tough. but not a t of time. over here is theurner. let's turn on the gas d load her up. woo! [ light laught ] first up, porball! the poweall lottery jackpot reached over $1.5 billion. and everyone in america spent all week rushing to get in on the action. i thought there was a shooting in my bodega tuesday, buit was just eight cops buying lottery
11:55 pm
the only way to spend your money wi a smallerhance of success iso donate to e jeb bush campaign. side burn b bush. >> side burn! [ lahter ] >> sh: did you know that the odds of winning the lottery are 1 in 292 milon?at's rghly the same dss getting struck by lightning while winning the lottery. [ laughter ] also, spare a thght for your caconveniencstorworker. those guys have en overwhelmed. i boht aliff bar yesterday, and e guy muttered "od luck." [ laught ] hey, powll, got your number, and ya burnt! [ applau ] hey,hapstick! where are yo i wanted soft lips, not a avenger hunt. you're harder to finthan a trump supporter in a turban. [ audice ohs ] [ laughter ] and why are your only flavor tions cherry or hospital. oh, wait, you do come in another flavor, cherry-hostal? chapstick,ax off, wax on, ya burnt. [ applause rprise award winners, please, you were o of five nominees. stopctg keou w the powerbl.
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you're a treasure on multiple continents, but it can't possibly be a shock to you eve timein something at's like if every time barry bonds hia me run, he went, "what, me? [ laughter ] out of thetadium?" surprise awa winners, here's a shocker, ya burnt! [ plause ] turtle necks. the irt that asks, "wh if my head lked uncircumcised? laughter ] i wtetow what it's li to not ve nec i'd just ask cee lo green. side burn cee lo. >> cee lo yeah. applause >> seth: and mock rtle necks? here a simple test to determine whether you should wear o. are you steve jobs? no? then no. [ laughter ] and who theens who names something you wear after a turtle's neck? as ianyone wted that. [ laughter i think we would sell more neckties if we called em pig dis. [ laughter ] hey turtle necks, ur style is turnt, and now ya burnt. [ applause blair walsh. the l kier w endedhe vikings' season when he shanked 27-yard field al. lo, you've been a rockst all
11:57 pm
you hane of the hardt jobs in sports and no one ever gives yoany crit. you may have slipped up this time, but you're sti oy in my book and that's why you're is weeks unburnae. asce sait through those goal posts to safy. [ plause ] son of a -- that's on us. that'sy shank. [ laughter paul ryan. you sat completely stone-faced during president obama's entire ste of tnion aress. you dn'tlap when he said we should help people btling drug abuse, youidn't ap when said america is the most porful nation on ear. you didn't clap whe said we ould cure cancer. ishe jury still out for you on cancer? [ laughter ] let's face it, you just didn't nt to react to anything. look how hard you trd not to laugh whenside obama made a joke. >> i know me of you are tsy to getack to iowa. [ laughter ] >> seth: y eth: you look like you're trying to hold in a mouth fart! [ hter ] paul ryan -- more like pa fin', because ya burnt! up next, lifelong frnds. you -- [ buzzer ] oh, thatuzzer means we''ve run
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[ eers and applause ] >> seth: >> seth: welcome back to "late gh" everybody. our first gut tonighis a veryunnyctress, o you know from h work on the hit nbc shows "the offic and "parks and creation." she'starri as dective angie tribeca in the n tbs comedy sers, which pres this suny night, follod by a 25-hour marathon of all episodes of season 1. let's take a look. >>'m n gonna let you risk the department's mey on a gale! it's only gamblg if there's chance involved. ani've never lost at poker. >> the only way to get that kind of moneyould be tohut the police departmendo for a day. is that wh you want?
12:03 am
let's give it a try. [ amscres [ gu ] [ alarm arm ] >> seth: >> seth: please welcome to show, rashida jones! [ chee and applause ] >> seth: >> seth: how areou i'm hreou? >> sh:ou look loly as always. hank you, i'm here. >> seth: i so happy you're finallhere, because we he be fends forever. iw.>> seth:e haveeen ies r a ry long time. r dated. >>ev d. >>et nev dated. idor ag men ur wipedipaaid we date >> y we had a roic hi
12:04 am
[ laughter ] was not rl, but it was big. and it rlly st based -- your theory is, 'sased on one photo. >> 100 's pto. wee alsoot really ing anytng to ther. >> set we we to a moe together, weook th photo. anthats wh eard me a romant fictional history with you. laughter ] >> we just look like we like each other a bunch. >> seth: we ju like each and is is a whe back. 'cause y will notice, i am wearing a hooded satshirt and a blaz. [ laughter ] >> with a t-shir >> set which is no longer an acle thing to . and i do- don't waa make a big deal about this. there? th was a huge fight with my wife and. these pants. i kept those pants around a lot longer. >> did you lose at be? >> seth: of i d. [ laught th what happs wh ye inrelash. youlve l me ke pants. because we're noa coupl >> tt's true, ausenever dated. [ laughter >> seth: congrats on the show. at's suca peect clip, i feel like, to hibit at yoreoing in the sh. sote cl, your exake boss from ofce. >> betreoss an fss. for su. eth:nd he d hiwife crd ishow. >> yes. >> s and how would you describe i 's like a licerocel,
12:05 am
is a come. , this ico. really siy. 's deeply, deey si but 's bically like, you knowthers so many predurals onv now that thk ybody is verar thcls -- h: rig >> and the tropes d the kind of, you knthe stereotypes and the archetypes on thos shows. so we' kind pokinfun that in the tone of "airplane." >> sh: yeah. the mov "rplane." >> ss much f rpne. >> not an airpla seth: there are so many jokes inhat "aan way there is a joke a second. >> yes. >> seth: and you wering it vegh yea >> seth: iit dcu to ay it saight when the's- volumejokes thahigh? it is, beuswhen i first -- when steve and ncy first sente the ript, it was un and like so db. and yowant to ll oer - [ laughter >> sh: it'rlclass dumb in a gre way. >> by e y, iaying at as a complent. >> sh: yea there's dog >> there's dog >> s -- at's a
12:06 am
d weev, ever poi to the fact that he's a dog he drivecars. lauger ] >> seth: when he shows up, you go, oh, that's a cop ie k-9 it wita dog. and thenou reaze, no, he's a deteive. >> n he's juomebod rtne david hfman [ lahter ], ye, thingsike that. yohaveo playt so straigh because yo insnct is to be like, ok how funny thi right heret you n't do thacially can't dit, e le, you knane treca. seth: youe angiibeca. you're onef the grnames thow. there's so jayeilsyo ner. >> yes [ laughter ] >> seth:nother frienof ours. >> hes macthur. >>eth: theonrful hayes martr, y guys are ry funnyether. thank y >> seth: that's exceent. there's dny tr. >> seth: danny tanner,re >> that's "fl hoe" refence. ther. scho's setre. there's just -- every name is delightful. >> seth: y ful--ike grabtund jt clos yeah, we're ting to get as close to dumb at eryomenas po. eth: trfect. >> yea
12:07 am
quin jones, peggy liptonwho was the mod sad, they ayed yourents heho >> yes, eyo. >> seth: wast rve-ckg ha theve mparent tw. it'says fun, buts wa little bitore nerves people g oh, it mue su a eeze havinyour parents there. >> n is a thing. i mean, my parents a really co, bu they' my parents so they're borto sorof me eel emrras [ ug ] like, dad, god! so, knjue that 'ron the best be and th d't athing weir your nd and theyere cool. >> sh: yeah, they're the coest parents earth. >> i kw. >> seth: i mn,ou have quin jones andipton. she on you foreing ashamed of tm. >> know, i kw, i kno >> seth: i do reer yrs a you were on dierent shownd i member we went over to your dad's housto watch it and it was ally gat, because your dad, quincy jones arguably the olest dude on earth and he couldn figure ouhow his remote worked. and i was like, , at'sll ds. [ laht ] >>e's no agu hs steat sian. but that sw actually wted -- do you remembe >> sh: yea e rious rsio this show.
12:08 am
who -- with e pd and was likeeriously rngft the perps. >> s so this is like full likeyearter, you he come full circle. d noyou're, "aie tribeca.">> makinfun of myself. seth: yeah, there you g ur fy, cool from theop down u ha a nepw o you cted ausic video forim. >>es. >> seth: and i lis music video,ecau you'rreal bring me 's looks. talk a biabt e '9ks are i'goa hohe. >> okay. >> seth: and now tell me te orif ever roedse looks. >> 100%. >> setka did you rock that? [ laughter ] >> yes! >> sh: you did? yes. >>h: my god, y were so muchoor an i was. >> boots, ndanas, rsey. >> seth: thaone? that's a direct r from the mary j. blige "real love" vio. >>eth: gotcha. therloof tributes in your video. >> yeah, like direct steals. >> seth: oh, yeah. this one i really like. that's from the kth sweat "twist" video. >> seth: oka t's kevin cabell, by the wa >> seth: what's that? >> kevin campbell. >> seth: oh, my god. at's the actual name of the song? sorry.>> it's lled "slip and
12:09 am
this is a good version of like three hot looks. that's my trite. >> seth:hat's eat. [ laughter >> t-boz, left-eye, chilli. that's from the "baby baby by" video. seth: dounjoyirectiyo nephes vio? >> it was a dream merue. sh:t's grt. becse i'm stuckn th '90s. >>eth: as a peonou're uck in t '90s? >>s a person i stuck in the '90s. so to be able to share that th thworld is really ceor me. >> seth: that's great. one last thing want to talk abou i'm, you kno alexi's expecting. about to have a baby>> yes. >> and'merex ause i fl chee andpplause ] >> i canelieve you're going to bdad! >> seth: i kno >> you were my fake boyfriend like ten years ago. >> set fake boyfriend they re we were -weere a fake couplen a cartoo the caoohe awes," we coupl and we -our aractersad a baby on "the awesomes." >> that's righ >> set so, i fl like that's the start. here i am wi our cartoon baby. which i feel likthat's finite wt our baby would look like. >> your baby is a look exactly like that. >> sh:xact likth. no matter what, we're gonna give it thaste. >> so cute. et so, thanko ch. because any timeike alexi ys like, "wilu on the partingooks?" m likedu, vead rtoon .ught ] i sahd of theame. i got it.
12:10 am
kn howhis rks. if they y, you jt write them out of the next scene. [ laughter ] thanyo mucfor ing re. [ cheers and aus shreallyun. s. k outhe premier ofane tribeca" this sunday on tbs. and then the a marathon. >>athoes >>eth: this islly cool.yocan h all esos of "ang tbe whenha >>r and over again u castt su nht they're airing the wholeeason for 25 hours. >> seth: that's ntastic. that's a lot of really well-thoug stupid reunny comedy. >> that. >> se' be riba th khl kardaian.
12:11 am
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[ ch a[ cheers and applae ] >> seth: w >>h: welcome back, everyby. ounextuest is one of the stars of the hit! series, "keeping up with the kardashians." her new show, "kocktails with lo debuts nuary 20th on fyand her bo "strong looks better naked" is avale now. please wcome to the show loe kardashi! eers and appuse >> seth:
12:15 am
>>o happy to be re. >>eth:ouoowonderful. >> why, thank you. set andongratulions you're entering thtalk show welce aboard. >> im. you know, as inten ayou. >>et am intee? >>elno, noyou. show. [ laughter ] tell me everythingut it and i'm coming ayou hard, here. [ lit lahter ] >> oh, my gosh!>> seth: that's hoo here. >> five days a week is a lite ch. >> set that's truewe do -- what i-- e foat of your show is very fferent. >>kockils withhloe," of sewith a k. seth: yes, with a k. and mine involves dri i wa people to get a ltl loos [ cheers ] yeah! a little loose. >> seth: don't g exced bee thers one alcolic he[ lahter ] >> tre's one. e all ieed. >> sett's true, at's ue. >> yeah, and yougot h alcohol here to loosen people uplittle more. >> seth: it's tra fetis we've had drinks on the ow and it's lot morfun dog it wheople e drinking. sn'tt? >> seth: it's great. >> a i havdrinking ges and it will ju be fuand i have hden cames so i have 22 hdecameso a osed. >> seth: if there's 22eople wille abo them. that's tooy toide.
12:16 am
they're not ke this. li inow i'm beg fied >> set okay, gcha. >> a ochampagne arby. >>eth:you tell people when th ce over is a talk show do you just surprise th later? [ laughter ] >> thedot kn my h irigg, and that's allyalk show. >> seth: has anyone i k you've don showshaven't done thew yet. has anyone gotten too drunk? >> yeah. i got my -- well, i didn't g my momrunk. my mom -- [ laughter ] seth: yh, she's o enough to take responsibity. >> she is. that woman starts drinking at li 2:00 in the aftnoon [ laughter ] itd. t she was doing my test show, and e had one many a s like, at is she drinking? vodkstraig. th giris a beast. seth:h os >> andhe was just drinng away and is i was like, i c't reel yoin. t itas a gd te. so i have to lrnf someone gets too -- bbedut, i can tm ba in. >> set that's . >> seth: it's good to test with your mom first. >> i wasik i love u, but want to kill you at e same time. >> seth: now that was a test show. has she asketoo the real sh?>>es. she id -- i'm lmg is ming monday, and s said, oh, myodi can't wait.
12:17 am
and i was like iove you,ou can sit in dressing room, you can't. [ laught ] she was stressing me out, and it's my mom so ias so much more fstted wither. sh:ea >> i wasng to ll her >> seth:hat weirop being a fun talkhow and arts bepisode of "interventio" >> yes! >> set when you're like you need to stop dnking! [ laughter ] >> that's what i suld doin seth: there you go. >>ervention. >> setow, how, "keeping up with the kardashians," is that rmat i such that i would imine yo fa flike theow you more than theyw people on othelevisi shows they watch. >> yeah. seth: le,idheapprch you probly dfent thathey aroach other celebrities theyee? has that bn thcase? >> well, i, of course, don't know anythelse but my fame. i te sing that. t my own fam sh:ure, that makes nse.but i've been arou oer -- either publicists or something. like ie ver seen -- like ople who know other peoplen e industry like've never seeneople el so comfortable just ay anythio u ys n'. t ha smu of our lives that tdo. and i rememberne time i was at
12:18 am
walike, "oh, my god, hey, let mel yo if u nto ve that baby,his is the pition u needo ve i" lauger ] and i s like, is this a part of theed bath and the beyond? [ laught ] i was like, wh? i was so blown awa and then lookedo ahe had name tag and ilize shwork there. i thought i knew her.i s like, whju giv someonseposions that y n't know? [ laughter ] >> seth: and abath and beyond. but -know. bu iean,tens. they're ying to help. >> seth: rht >> it's sweet. but it's awkward. >> seth: andow did the tions rk? 'm notant! they didn't work. >>h: it di't worh,y goave you written a letter to bath anbe ught ] >> i sulfi a complaint. >> seth: the you go. want to lk aboutour bookas well. "sg looks better n i wagoing to wte a book th the same tle. you okt, i can't. [ laughter ] >> i know, sorry >> sh:ow, i have hea, is this true? thou -- was harder than you thought write ts book >> yeah. dn'tealiow like otionallattached i was toet t and very wit like -- had a ghost writer that was helping me
12:19 am
weould do everything togher. the would go put everythin wters fmat. set just r ople don't know. 's not a gst you write it. that's ater who est t his name on . >> it's realerson. heelpse write and yeah, not a real gst but sometis if the words weren'--ell so in ve with it and was su controlling,elieve ior not. girls are controlling. i ul--robably rewrote itike 18 to 20 something times.eth: are you happy withow it turned out? >> yeah,ove how it tne ou >> sh: that's great. b you can tell it'srom my voice. h: very good. sorry, ghost. eah, s ghost. [ ughter ] bye. bye, ghost >> setne lasing i want to ask aut "keepin witthe kardhis." obviouy, you have yourve there ever been times when you'reatching an esode you hear sometng your sters id about you le for the first time on thshow? >> ahe time. set do u ever see that anreact and thin why -- what? >> yeah, n l of the te. d we will have, li, il groups -- xtgog . like, what okay? for exple, ithe mpns en kourtneand re out
12:20 am
some weit. that oy. >> seth:ea >> kounewas pregnant so i felt i had the righto eat everything she did. [ laughter ] >> seth: that'thsuppor you were supportin i was supportg her! and kimberlyas lik "ng, khloe's ass o " [ audien ohs ] why couldn't she just tell me? d i didn'tw unl the monterntil i wated on the epode. laughter ] so i said why couldn't you just te me, you could have moti to lo som weig. >> seth:ut instead, she li ju dropped -- >>ust compte, yeah >>et a timbomb thawas going to go off in three months. >> rht? and s just talking craabou me. buit hap all of thtime. setow, you might noknow th about talk shows. one the rul is, whe somebody has you on as a gue, yo got to pathe favo so i look rward my first drink. >> oh, my d, yes chee and appla] >> set khloe kardashian everybod "kocktails with khloe" permies jay 20thfyi, andstro looks tter naked." is availible in bookstores w.
12:21 am
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toyo. let's go pces. [ cheers a alaus] >> seth: welco back to "late nigh" everyby! our neuest is th-creator and golden globe winning star of the cricallycclaed new show"crax-girliend." whh returns to the cw jaary th. let's take a lk. ey sy raereba tmylace nd hope you'reot a murderer ss me by all over the place andlee don't be a murder lease n'be a murderer please don't ba rderer sorry i'lop talking abt the murder thing let me g back to playin th y ouot a strongss arms thaa gun? oh, thank g it's just your pen [ lauger ] ave u be tesd r st telme pas stds >> set plewelcome to t
12:25 am
cheers and applause ] >>et >> seth: wel welell, coratulation t me tl sothing. m watc the golden globes you win. we already have you booked i feel like i the jackpot. i was soappy >> oh, thank y. >>eth: conatulations. you werene of the -- early i first wiers -- >> tnk god! set aolutely e most enthusiastic winner of the night. it was fantastic. thanko . [ ndppla] >> set andomof udot ow lot of u-- very few ld globe winners theoom. whatt like caring it around all night? >> okay. i me, this is the most highss problem i've ev ha but it'sllheavy, a i n't work out. have no -- i mean, you know -- you see.
12:26 am
found myselfike ing triceps cus with i because that's outhe like ps i lift wi'acally trying to rk out. >> seth: gotcha. so woke up thore ms, i codn't tl yone a be likm se fr carryiromy gbe!" [ lahter ] eth:h, ny nts ar that. >> no oncas. >>h: the show isantastic. >> thank youo mu. >>eth:onatulations. that mean-- i really ect you. s ainventpremis itan houng musal rl whooves across e country to folw a guy, cay. guy who ght not be a that she hasmorous intentions.>>eah. eth: h did you come up with this prise? like, wh led y to this as an idea? >> well, i've been doi mus vios for lik, fo and a half yrsand my co-creato aline brosh mcnna, who's a wonderful screenwriter. e wre "devil wears prada," "27 es" "wught a zoo," "morninglo,"he brilliant. she w my mus veo i get an e-mail ying c studios and alinbrosh mckenna, wanna meetityou to discuss a potentl musical television show in mmuvideos i'd b
12:27 am
and kind of like the ugly side ofretty things thamusic dot explore. >> set well, that -- think "sex with a rang" is rft example of that. yeah, yeah,eah. >> seth: a the ao nderl abou how women get ready for a date a lot ffert then anwomedo a l of stuff men dohing. hey wa[ bl]. check it out. [ laughter ] if you haven't -- i wax my ass [ blee]. i won a goen glo. >> s sheonolden globe. [ laughter and alause ] ndppuse n'you jue he don'you judge he but it's swonderful.and it's just such a ne lance. congratulaons ulli it of >> thank y. >> seth: don't this an easy thingo pullff. and you pull it of and i also -- i'm not --roud i feel is mayba little patronizing. t -- you were interat snl -- >> i w. >> s wn i ed there >> w.>> seth: and by thway, i'm nna juste honest
12:28 am
yeah. >>asre for a semeste i was also in the writer room -- i was he ws areahere you -- i mn, this is bor i'll give you guys all a lecture thenl lout later. set but interns d sit right ouide my office. sone, d u er catch -- was there anything ternsaid abo me wha s my r >> okay,o he's what i have to preface this with. nobo rembers whesomeone's pleasanto them. seth: okay. >>ight? you onlyemr -- >> set i hathoyou're prefing th. yh, yeah. [ laughter ] >>eth: iatis pface. yh,eah,ouy member en sne's like, overwhng -- like, i member one time i was an intern wh was an intern there, i was goi o in e snow tt co, 'cth'shat u do. cause yoguys write unt li 4:00 a.m. >> s sure. >> and ac baldwin s e host and he w like, "are you going t in t snow tooffe" and i was like, yeah. and he's like, "nono, you're taking my car." and me and some her interns got to take alec baldwin's car toetoffee. >> seth:h, i'dever dat. like, i wl reme that for. but so you don't or you remembewh someo's
12:29 am
good sto. >>eth: thiy veou r!aryou su it wasn't m [ ght laughter ], ke goiitur story.anyway. >>ere yo "glengarry glen ross?" so here's -- t one story at i didear. this wasn't me. but someone went down to hale the wrong salad. >>eth:kay. >> and ty were like, "my god. m soor." >> seth:o their fault. okay, ep going. no, i st wanna maksure. okay, keep going. i'm i was superle.>> yeah, yeah, yeah. you wereuperar thinthe stra actually- i inhale hardy got itro. >>eth: oka wha i didn. ep gng [ laughter ] and, again, this such a minor -- but they gave y the sad and they we li, oh, my god. i'm so sry is the wrong salad. do you want me to get you another one? and you we, e, i guess we n wo with th." [ laught d u ke slammed toor. >>eth: so dnakth gea second salad give it up [ cheers and appuse ] the mmere bummer that sto is the way you did itmakes me 100% re itrue. s like, oh, that's
12:30 am
>> it wajust le,nope, gueswe can work with this. and i sn't en ther" i just thi the ints impreson w lik-- andt intern w kate mckion. >>eth: oh, no! [ laughter ] you mentioned yosort ocame up doing ybe d that's how you were discoved. ubdeosobvisly yos arryuccel, cause theythis visihot sooutucommtatorsotorioly awful people. were there er any comments in the same way thayou remember the negatives re thae positives? >> oh, yeah, absy. >>eth: any brutals tre's one that haunts me. [ laughter ] d it -- 's not ethe worsone. 'causeome ve been like you shld kl yoself. you're fat and youhould di-- just bse'm wom. [ laughter ] that's whayou say to wom on the internet. you're fat and y suld die, because fat ople suld die and l meare -- >>eth: h, they put a lot -- th put aot of thought to that. >>eah,eah, yea as ty're juslike- [ lahter ] [ cheers ala
12:31 am
>> golden globe! [ ughter ] i n't piure a guy urng a note any about it. [ laughter ] any time i do anmpion of a guy jerkinoff it's always like - "oh! hate mpenis!" laht ] s for me,t'li, oh it's therong sal! [ lauger and applae ] oh, oh. oh, oh. all right. i assume a dude. someuy wrote on a video i was inshe looks like h butt stin [ lauger ] so here's the thing. i can't -- [ laughter ] so it's ke -- th ike fiveea lat i can't -- i don't know if tha mean "she looks like she has a inky but" h: rht. hich, i . as doeevody. >> seth: yeah. >> oif it's like, "she looks ke her butt ks." like sheooks abad her bu, stinks. >> seth: oh, i've got . >> a like i've gone ovhi
12:32 am
[ laughter ] and we've tried to fige out whathey mean. >> seth: have you ev tho ofeaching out t author? >> i was almt going to, and maybe i willonight. tually, you guysanee the comment, it's on friend's deo called, "college andpajas." 's a video by a sketch group, gr & lou. and ere's a comment there om a coue years ago that says, "she looks le her butt stinks." an you guys want to comment on it, ask the ahor what he or shs inking. >> sh:h, let's get to the bottom of th. [ laughter ]>> i would appree th>>eth: that'greai don't k therre true i'm gonna take c, no of the abov >> thank you. >>et yea i mean too. >> oh,y go ank you. ughter >> seth: conatulatio, rachel such dig hg you re. rsndpplae ] >>h, tnkou! >> seth: rachel oom,veryone. "cra ex-gifrie" rerns e cw janua 25th with new episodes airing monday night we'll beight back.
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